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  About EverGlow

   Maximum Reliability and Effectiveness in all conditions, as no other emergency lighting system available today can be!

EverGlow manufactures safety grade photoluminescent signs, markers, films, tapes and coatings.
   Signs - exit, directional, safety equipment, IMO & marine safety equipment, ADA and custom safety signs
   Markers - stair, handrail, obstacle and directional for use on the floor or wall
   Films and Tapes - vinyl free, wide & narrow films and tapes
   Coatings and Paints - epoxy, urethane, marine

EverGlow uses innovative and patented manufacturing processes and backing materials that guarantee the end user will experience the maximum evacuation safety possible.

Our photoluminescent signs are used in office buildings and rugged marine, aviation, transportation, tunnel & industrial environments with equal reliability and effectiveness.

Our goal is evacuation safety. The cost for failure is too high!

The design of every building or structure intended for human occupancy shall be such that reliance for safety to life does not depend solely on any single safeguard. An additional safeguard(s) shall be provided for life safety in case any single safeguard is ineffective due to inappropriate human actions or system failure. (NFPA 101, Life Safety Code, Section 4.5.1, Multiple Safeguards)

EverGlow NA, Inc. Offices

Our Business Philosophy:

EverGlow will provide excellent customer service and the highest quality photoluminescent products available to the markets we serve.

We strive to ship from our warehouse the same day your purchase order arrives in our offices.

Our goal is to increase the safety of everyone in the markets we serve. EverGlow works with several well known organizations to improve product standards and building, life safety and fire codes to encourage the use of high luminance, long lasting photoluminance safety signs and markings. We employ Intertek (the ETL-Semko group) for product testing. Our products carry the ETL Listed Mark to signify that EverGlow signs and markings meet or exceed performance standards such as (Underwriters Laboratories) UL924 and UL1994.

Our Company:

EverGlow NA, Inc. was incorporated in 2004. We are a subsidiary of the German company, EverGlow GmbH.

Our mission is to increase sales in North America and support our distributors, resellers and their end user customers.

EverGlow photoluminescent signs & markings will drive the industry toward better products and greater occupant safety! If your goals are the same as ours, and you would like to represent EverGlow in the markets you now serve,

Call us Toll Free: 866-744-4706

or send us an email: info@everglow.us

EverGlow Supports these Organizations
ISO - International Organization for Standardization
ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials
ETL - ETL Testing Labs is part of the Intertek Group
NFPA - National Fire Protection Association
ICC - International Code Council, Formed by the Merger of BOCA, ICBO & SBCCI

BOMA - Building Owners & Managers Association